Company definition

Soweto Tradelinks Zambia, commonly Soweto is a Technology Company providing an online trading platform that facilitates effective trade linkages between prospective buyers and sellers. Hence, Soweto Tradelinks shall not be held liable for any loss incurred.



A Buyer refers to an individual or corporate user organized and existing under the laws of the republic of Zambia seeking purchase of legal goods facilitated through trade linkages on Soweto.



A Seller refers to an individual or corporate user organized and existing under the laws of the republic of Zambia seeking trading in legal goods in line with laws of Zambia.


Display of goods

Images are to be a true reflection of what’s been sold. Otherwise, the seller is considered to be in breach and immediate suspension. The will ultimately describe the condition, quality, grade and any other relevant information relating to the item being sold.


Cash On Delivery/Collection on Deposit (Cod)

Payment on the plat form through COD is deemed as an ultimate purchase to be closed within 24 hours from the time of placement. Unless there is prior communication between the buyer and the seller, COD ceases within 24 hours and no party is liable.


Sale of Goods

The Seller shall sell, transfer and or deliver/reserve   the order for the buyer for a period of

24 hours from the time of purchase/order unless prior agreement is made between the buyer and seller.


Purchase of Goods

Completion of checkout with a COD payment option is considered as a purchase which is either collected or delivered within 24 hours unless there is prior agreement between the seller and buyer.



Buyer shall accept the goods and pay the price for the goods as per display or agreement between the seller and buyer.


Right of Inspection

Buyer shall have the right to inspect the goods on delivery/collection and, within 24 after placement, buyer must give notice to seller of any claim for damages on account of condition, quality or grade of the goods, and buyer must specify the basis of the claim in detail. The failure of buyer to comply with these conditions shall constitute irrevocable acceptance of the goods by buyer.


Risk of Loss

The risk of loss from any casualty to the goods, regardless of the cause, shall be on seller until the goods have been accepted/delivered to the buyer


Payment on Receipt

Buyer shall make payment for the goods at the time when, and at the place where, the goods are received by buyer.


Receipt Construed As Delivery

Goods shall be deemed received by buyer when delivered to buyer at [address], [city], [state/province].

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