How to register

Registration is absolutely free, it can be done both through the app and website by clicking on registration. Ensure to adopt a user name and password that would be easy to remember.


How to place an order – Buyer

Upon establishing an item to purchase, the buyer adds it to cart and proceeds to checkout. The buyer selects cash on delivery/collection as a payment option and completes the purchase to place an order. Upon completion of checkout, the order is triggered to the seller.


How to view an order – Seller

The seller views orders under the shop and clicks on processed orders under cash on delivery, then proceeds to download the invoice that shows all particulars of the buyer including email and contact details.


Closing a purchase/Order

Upon downloading the invoice or completion of checkout the seller and the buyer communicate to close the order.


For further information and queries, feel free to email or contact call center on 0979278618.

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