Who we are


Soweto is a Zambian local online market place aimed at providing trade linkages between full time traders and consumers. Soweto aims at exposing businesses to reach millions of customers.


With a great number of stunning new local and international stores opening on Soweto online market, it’s the only place that will meet all your retail and industrial needs. From top class furniture to fashion, electronics, toys, auto spares, building materials, agriculture and many more. Soweto offers the ideal shopping spree at the convenience of your home.


Soweto aims at creating an enabling environment for individuals and businesses without need of having a physical building or trading infrastructure. Whether you sell online, on social media, in a store, or at of the trunk of your car, Soweto has you covered.


Soweto handles trade from advertising, marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping to your convenient location.


How it works

For the Soweto buyer

Soweto stocks all goods under one store thereby reducing the expense, time and hustle of moving around looking for items that one needs to buy.

Due to high level of product organization, a buyer can choose a store of their preference and shop for items under that particular store.


With Soweto, the buyer can purchase an item at their convenience using a wide range of payment models such as visa, paypal, stripe and 2checkout or move to the shop and pay cash on collection. Based on the choice of shipping the product can be delivered or collected by the buyer as they choose.


What’s more, the buyer can directly negotiate with the sellers by contacting them directly or through social media platforms provided by Soweto.


Get value for your money by having a variety of products to choose from.


For the Soweto seller (Individual, SME or Corporate)

Soweto is your trusted trading partner. It aims at growing your business by increasing the market base of your target market. Whilst you manage your stock, we find your buyers.


Soweto offers sellers an opportunity to open their own store, brand it with their own name,upload their own face, logo or banner for corporates, add contact details, email address and social media details. In addition to the visibility of millions of Soweto buyers, the sellers can also advertise their own stores and have as many followers on the media platforms provided by Soweto.


Soweto allows for flexibility of managing and listing your own goods and products in your online store. Unlike been scattered, with Soweto, all goods and products are properly organized under defined categories in each store.


What’s more, Soweto provides a notification for all goods purchased and need immediate delivery. 


Maximise profits by reducing your advertising/marketing budget and expose your brand to millions of buyers at the least possible costs.

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